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       The process of turning your dream into reality



  • Meet with designer; bring ideas, plot plan, pictures.

  • Sign proposal to design and draw plans; deposit required at this phase.

  • Measurements are done at your home.

  • Preliminary plans are drawn up (time frame usually 2-3 weeks).

  • Preliminary plans are completed and reviewed by client - revisions made.

  • Revised plans are updated until agreed upon by both parties.

  • Final plans are completed.

  • Final payment for design/drawings required.

  • Preliminary rough estimate to build at N/C.

  • An itemized, detailed quote will be generated which is both accurate and personalized for your project. This process usually takes 2 weeks.

  • A good faith retainer of $2,000 will be due. This retainer ensures that BDB will be your contractor. If the homeowner proceeds with BDB, this $2,000 will automatically be applied toward your first payment. If the homeowner decides not to utilize BDB’s services, $1,000 will be refunded, and $1,000 will be retained by BDB for time spent and services rendered. There is a considerable amount of cost involved in generating an accurate detailed quote including phone, fax and written correspondence as well as shopping around for materials and bringing sub contractors out to the job site for competitive quotes. This retainer ensures that the time and effort which goes into obtaining an accurate, itemized, and personalized quote is not lost by BDB and is properly credited to the homeowner.

  • Refine the quote.

  • Sign the contract.

  • Apply for permits.

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